How to donate to the BBC News website with a DS2 console

How to donate to the BBC News website with a DS2 console

The BBC News site is currently offline.

If you’d like to donate via email or text message, follow the instructions below.

To donate by email or by text message: To donate via text message go to the following address: and enter your email address.

To give by text messages, follow this link: text messages from kfc to bbc news.

To write to us, send a message to kfc support at kfc dot com, or you can write to in the UK.

To make a donation online: To make an online donation to kfbs online help top game console donate offer, enter your address below.

kfb .co.UK/news-top Game Console Giveaway, top games console donations,top games console games,top game console donations kfb top games,games console,top,top kfb kfb,top top games consoles,top console games donate,top consoles top,top best games,best,top donate,best donation,top donation,best donate top,best top donation top kfbk top games games,kfb top,games,top bbc,top video game source BBC English title Why you should donate to bbbb’s charity games charity games,video games,donate source BBC Home News title You can help the BBC’s charity gaming charity by playing games article The charity gaming organisation GamesAid has launched a new video game donation offer to help support its gaming charity.

The organisation is now offering donations to people who can afford a DS or Xbox console.

To apply: You must be an active member of GamesAid, or be over 18 and over and willing to pay for the console.

Please read all of the following instructions carefully to ensure you understand the terms of the offer.

This offer is valid until 28 January 2019.

To find out more about the charity, and what it does for you, visit

GamesAid is an independent charity that provides a range of gaming support and education to millions of people in need of free or cheap video game support.

If we can help you, you can support our work by playing our games.

To read more about GamesAid’s games and how you can help, please visit

To help GamesAid: If you are a UK resident over 18, you may apply here.

You will need to apply online, or by phone if you cannot afford to go to a phone bank.

If your age is under 18, contact GamesAid on 01483 939 969 or by emailing [email protected] to apply.

If this is not an option for you contact Games Aid by phone on 01793 572 664.

If a phone donation is not available you can donate via paypal or by texting the number on the back of the box.

The donation is tax deductible for UK residents, and if you donate to GamesAid you may be eligible for an additional tax-free payment of up to £5.00 per donation up to the amount of £25.00.

Games Aid will only take donations from active members of the organisation.

You can find more information about Games Aid at gamesaid dot com or by contacting them at gamesadvisedat kfb dot com.

To receive a discount, you must be a member of the GamesAid organisation and over 18.

Games are provided free of charge to UK residents aged 18 or over and eligible for the Games Aid’s free or low cost video game service.

If the charity is unable to contact you, or if you have a phone and cannot access a paypal account, you are able to donate using a mobile payment system.

Games must be available for play on the first available day of each month to qualify for this offer.

To learn more about this offer, or to apply, please click here.

To contact Gamesaid, please call 01793 828 741 or by SMS on 01789 828 064.


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