Nintendo, Sony: Watch Games in 2018

Nintendo, Sony: Watch Games in 2018

A lot has changed in 2018 for the gaming industry.

While the console wars continued to rage, there were more than a few titles that were released, like Dance Party, to entice consumers.

But if you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, there’s still plenty to look forward to for 2017.

The new Nintendo 3DS XL is launching on June 24.

A second model of the console, dubbed the Nintendo Switch XL, is due to hit stores on June 27.

And in 2018, Nintendo is introducing the NX, a new console that is almost certainly going to be more expensive than the current Nintendo 3ds XL and Switch.

Here are five things to look out for in 2018: Watch games in 2018 A lot of the excitement around the new Nintendo Switch is coming from the games, but there are also a lot of new and interesting games being released for the platform.

Here’s a look at the top games for the year.


Watch Dogs 2: Director’s Cut – The sequel to the popular 2016 video game Watch Dogs is finally coming to the Nintendo 3D console in 2018.

Watchdogs 2:Director’s Cut will be released on the Nintendo eShop and the Nintendo Selects section of Nintendo e-Shop in the United States, the UK, and Australia.

Watch Dog 2 is also slated to launch on other Nintendo platforms later this year.


Nintendo Switch – The Switch will be launching on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch on June 23.

The Switch version will be $279.99 with a 4GB hard drive, a 3GB RAM, a microSD slot for expansion cards, and a microUSB port.


Nintendo 3DO – The Nintendo 3do is finally here.

The 3DO will be hitting stores on March 21.

3D games like Super Mario Odyssey, Monster Hunter Frontier, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be playable.


Super Mario Maker – The game will be available for free on the Switch in the US and Canada.

It’ll be available in March 2018.


Splatoon 2 – Splatoon is getting a new game for the Nintendo NX, Splatoon 3.

The game is a sequel to Splatoon and Splatoon Splash, which launched on the Wii U and 3DS in 2017.

Nintendo says it’s aiming for a “bigger and better experience” for players who want to “play with friends.”

Here are the details: 3.

Mario Party 10 – Mario Party, the most critically acclaimed game of 2018, is getting the Switch version on March 20.

The full game will cost $59.99.

It includes six hours of in-game content.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch: The first Nintendo Switch game to release in 2018 is Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3Ds.

This is the first Mario Kart game in Nintendo Switch history.

The story mode features the same characters as Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Run, and Mario Party 11, as well as four new characters.

Players can also customize their character in-battle.


Monster Hunter X: Monster Hunter: World – This is Nintendo’s third Monster Hunter game on Switch.

Monster Hunters is a brand new series in which players hunt and capture the world’s deadliest beasts, from the biggest, toughest animals to the most cunning beasts.

Monster hunter Hunter is available for $59 for the Switch.

It is also coming to other Nintendo systems in 2018 including Nintendo 3GS, Nintendo 3, and Nintendo 3.5.


Pokémon Omega Sapphire – Pokémon Omega is a new Pokémon game on the DS and Pokémon X and Y. It features the Pokémon that players love, from Pikachu to Ho-Oh, and the Pokémon of legend.

It also features new characters and stages.


Mario Kart 7: Super Circuit – Mario Kart is coming to Switch on March 27.

Mario is back in this game, but this time, he’s in the new Mario Kart 6, which is available in North America, Japan, and Europe.


Pokémon GO – Pokémon GO is the new Pokémon app for Nintendo devices.

Players will be able to get together with friends, catch rare Pokémon, and battle to win exclusive PokéStops.


Star Wars Battlefront – The new Star Wars movie is coming out in 2018 on July 18.

It’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR on June 7.

This game will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 with a new Nintendo eSport Mode.


Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire – Pokemon Omega is the latest entry in the Pokémon series.

Players choose their Pokemon from a massive roster of characters from the anime and manga series, and they will fight to evolve their favorite Pokémon into the most powerful and powerful Pokémon ever.


Pokkén Tournament 5 – Pokkens is coming in 2018 to Nintendo eStore and select digital retailers.

Pokken Tournament 5 is coming on July 25.

Pokkens is a spinoff from the popular fighting game


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