Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to be launched this year

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to be launched this year

Games retailer GAME is launching its first VR headset for consumers in 2018.

The Oculus Rift VR headset will be available to purchase at the GAME Store in the U.S. and Canada from October 11, 2018, GAME President and CEO Jim Korn said.

Korn said the headset will feature four high-resolution OLED displays, which allows gamers to see more details in games.

“For those of you who like to get a sense of the size of the field of view in a game, we’re bringing you that in the new Oculus Rift headset,” he said.

The device is made from a durable and light weight, glass-reinforced plastic.

It also includes an optical sensor, which lets you adjust the depth of field of a game by tilting the headset.

The headset features a headband, which helps the wearer stay immersed in the game.

The GAME headset will also include two built-in microphones that are designed to help players interact with games.

The microphone, for example, can capture sounds such as footsteps or footsteps of the user and send them to the headset for processing.

Korns said the device will feature an internal display that is capable of displaying 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, making it one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences yet.

The device also includes a gyroscope that helps users track the position of their virtual hands, and a magnetometer that helps them keep their hands in their lap.

The VR headset features an adjustable faceplate to fit the face of your head.

The company said it will also offer a variety of different colors for the headset, with a variety in the price range.

Korn also said the company is working on adding more sensors to the device that can help developers add more customization options.

In addition to a new headset, GAME is working with Oculus on a series of apps that will make it easier for gamers to get into VR.

The apps will include the VR-exclusive “Play It” feature, where users can try out a variety to games that are currently available for Oculus Rift.

Korns said that feature will be made available to other VR headsets in 2018 as well.

The company said the new headsets will launch in 2018, but only in select markets and countries.

It will be compatible with Oculus Rift, the Oculus Rift Touch, the Samsung Gear VR, and the HTC Vive.

Korne said the Oculus VR platform will enable developers to build VR games that will be accessible to everyone.KORN said the VR platform is an incredible platform to explore VR experiences and the experiences will be rich and immersive.

The platform will also allow developers to create the kinds of games and experiences that gamers have been looking for in VR.


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