PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the fastest-selling consoles in the world

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the fastest-selling consoles in the world

With sales for the PlayStation 4 on track to overtake the Xbox One in terms of sales, it’s time to look back at the fastest selling consoles in history.

As a result of the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider, a popular PC game by Ubisoft, Microsoft’s console sales are now at a level to which Sony has notched up an impressive 30% year-over-year growth.

Sony has sold over 100 million consoles in total, with the console itself being sold in over 300 countries.

However, Microsoft has managed to sell over 10 million consoles during the same period.

With sales of the Xbox 360 still far behind the Playstation 3, Sony has now managed to become the world’s biggest console seller.

Sony sold over 6 million consoles over the course of its existence, with Microsoft selling only over 500 million.

Despite the Xbox Live Gold membership offering, Sony still holds a commanding lead over Microsoft, with more than 6 million console owners currently playing Xbox Live.

Although Microsoft has sold fewer consoles than Sony in recent years, the Xbox has managed more console launches than any other console in the history of the industry.

Despite the fact that Sony has managed only a handful of console releases over the last 10 years, Microsoft is still the largest console manufacturer in the market.

Microsoft is now selling over 100m consoles a year, with Sony only selling about 250m.

The PlayStation 4 is still a hugely popular console with its strong online sales, which makes up over 90% of the overall console sales.

In the past two years, Sony’s PlayStation Network has seen more than 1.5 billion minutes played.

Despite its impressive sales numbers, Sony is struggling to maintain its dominance of the gaming market.

Despite Microsoft’s strong online network, Sony only has around 300,000 active online gamers, while Microsoft has over 5 million active online users.

The Xbox One has struggled to maintain a strong online presence, with less than half of the playerbase online.

Microsoft and Sony have both been pushing hard to create their own gaming platforms, with both companies announcing their own dedicated console offerings in the last few years.

The Xbox One is still struggling to retain the online gaming audience, with only around 50% of active online players online at the time of writing.

The PS4 and Xbox 360 both have solid online user bases, but both are struggling to gain the online audience of the PlayStation Network.

Microsoft has also been struggling to make any significant strides in the gaming marketplace, with its online service being a distant second to the PlayStation 3.

The console wars continue with the PlayStation Now streaming service, which was announced by Sony in May.

The service is meant to be a way to connect users with other members of the community, with a variety of services and services like Xbox Live Arcade, a live stream of the latest games and movies, and a curated catalogue of Xbox games available for streaming.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch its own streaming service in 2018, although it has yet to launch the service.

In November, Sony said that it would launch a separate PlayStation app to allow users to play online games on their devices.

Microsoft’s plan to offer a streaming service has been met with mixed reception, with critics questioning the quality of the service, and the Xbox chief executive Kevin Turner expressing concerns about the lack of competition in the streaming market.

With the console wars still raging, the next step is for Microsoft to make a more concerted effort to build up its own gaming ecosystem.

The console wars will continue for some time to come, but it’s unlikely to be long before Microsoft and Sony’s console war is finally over.

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