Which game console will you buy?

Which game console will you buy?

The Nintendo Switch console is the most-played console in the United States for the first time, according to the NPD Group.

It is now the most played console in America.

Nintendo Switch sold 2.9 million units during its first week of availability in the U.S. The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 consoles are tied for second with 2.4 million units sold.

Xbox One sold 1.9 and 1.5 million units, respectively.

The Nintendo Switch is a new console in a family of Nintendo consoles, the Wii U, Wii, Wii U Pro and the 3DS.

It includes a more powerful graphics processor and graphics-intensive features than previous consoles, like online multiplayer.

It’s the only new Nintendo console this year that’s not a video game console.

Nintendo announced the console at the 2017 Game Developers Conference, where it was shown off in a playable demo.

It launched on May 12 and is available for $399.

Nintendo says the Nintendo Switch was the most popular new home entertainment system in the world for the week ending May 16, with more than 13 million units selling.

It is now expected to sell around 6.5M units worldwide, according the NIPSA.

Nintendo Switch sold a record number of consoles during its launch.

That is up from 5.9M units during the Nintendo 3ds’ launch in 2015.

The NPD report also found that Nintendo Switch surpassed the record for most consoles sold in a single day, with 3.8 million units shipped during the first weekend.

The company also beat its previous record, which was set in March, with 5.7 million consoles sold.

The top three new consoles sold during the week were the Xbox One S, the PlayStation 4 Pro and a pair of Nintendo 3Ds.

The next-biggest selling console was the PlayStation 3 Pro, which sold 892,000 units in the week.

Nintendo released two new consoles for the holiday shopping season, the Switch and the Wii Pro.

The Wii U and 3DS were the only other new consoles on the market in the second half of 2017.

The second-most popular new gaming console was a PlayStation 4, which saw sales of 2.8M units.

The PlayStation 4 was the second-highest selling console for the second week in a row.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 were the top-selling consoles in 2017, while Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro were the second and third most-popular consoles, respectively, for the third week in the year.


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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the fastest-selling consoles in the world

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the fastest-selling consoles in the world