Zelda 3D’s Zelda game controller review: What it is, how to play it, and why it’s worth it

Zelda 3D’s Zelda game controller review: What it is, how to play it, and why it’s worth it

Zelda 3DS and Wii U gamers will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with this controller.

It’s a bit like a modern version of the original Nintendo 3DS gamepad, with a touchscreen on the back.

It can be plugged in, but it won’t work with Nintendo’s latest Wii U console.

The design is based on the GameCube controller, and it’s got a circular back that slides out to expose a thumbstick.

The Switch version will be a little wider, and will feature an analog stick, but the Wii U version will feature a touchpad.

The Joy-Con grip is still included.

This is a Nintendo console.

You need a controller, but not the new Wii U. We’ve got the controller that comes with the console, the one you get when you buy the Switch and get the Zelda 3d bundle.

This one has a touch-sensitive pad that works with the Joy-Cons.

It also has an integrated USB-C port for charging your Switch, and a wireless charging port. It costs £99, but you can pick it up for just £49.

This isn’t a new controller, of course.

Nintendo has been making a new version of their controllers since 2013, when the Wii Pro and Wii Pro Controller were released.

The Wii Pro was the first console with a full-size GamePad, which meant you could use it to navigate the 3D world, but that was all in the console’s first year.

The Pro was discontinued in 2016, but a new GamePad called the Wii Motion Plus (known as the MotionPlus when it launched in 2016) was released in 2017.

The MotionPlus was a slightly narrower version of that original controller.

Nintendo made the motion sensor technology in-house, so the hardware on the new version is pretty much identical.

This controller uses an OLED touchpad, which is slightly larger than the one in the Pro, but there are a few differences: it’s less powerful, so it doesn’t have the same number of buttons, and the controller has a circular shape.

But it’s still a Nintendo product.

It’ll be on sale in the UK on Thursday, November 15th, and in the US on November 24th.

The new Switch will be launching on November 21st, and Nintendo is offering the controller at an MSRP of £129.99.

The only other console that’s available at this price point is the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It was recently revealed that the Xbox Scorpio would also be coming in November, but this isn’t yet known.

We’re expecting to see the PlayStation 10 and Xbox Scorpios in October, and we’ll be bringing you more information as we get it.


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